Welcome to Cannabis Doctor Group

Welcome to Cannabis Doctor Group, the company where we approach health in the hemp dimension. Our mission is to provide natural hemp products of the highest quality, controlled at every stage of production, from plant sowing to product delivery.

Partner in permanent, wholesale, contract and comprehensive production of CBD products

Develop individual formulations

Production plant with full certification and standardization

Run our own research projects

We are a certified producer, processor and supplier of the highest quality hemp extracts, CBD oils, and CBD isolates for leading brands in the cosmetics, food, supplementation and pharmaceutical industries. As one of the few Polish producers of CBD, we can boast the required permit issued by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate for the production, processing, processing and distribution of Δ-9-THC derived from the processing of Canabis Sativa L..

About us

What distinguishes our products?

  • full quality control at every stage of production
  • full certification enabling legal distribution of products around the world
  • own, organic, fully certified crops
  • the safest extraction method that allows you to maintain the full cannabinoid profile
  • product training package that we offer to our clients
  • A qualified team of experts who know all the secrets of the CBD industry. Both from the production, laboratory and legal side
  • Independent research projects in cooperation with doctors and phytotherapists,

Why us?

Our knowledge, experience and passion for CBD extracts directly translate into product awareness and sales results of our clients. In addition to the rich offer of the highest quality products that meet international standards, we offer our contractors training support. By purchasing Cannabis Doctor Group, our partner buys not only tailor-made CBD products, but also knowledge.

We realize how often the end customer asks: how to choose CBD oil, how to dose CBD oil, how to use CBD oil, how does CBD oil work, or what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. That is why, along with our products, we provide information that allows you to monetize your cannabis business faster.

Cannabis Doctor Group is a company that was founded out of love for health. Therefore, thanks to the Cannabis Doctor Group own brand, we can independently, in cooperation with research institutes, conduct research projects that help find confirmation of the therapeutic properties of CBD. The results of these studies serve not only us and our contractors, but the entire CBD industry, which is currently undergoing a communication renaissance.

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Latest news

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a regulatory system connected to major organs, the immune and nervous systems, and certain areas of the brain. The ECS is involved in almost all major physiological functions. Scientists have been still exploring it but so far, we know that ECS is crucial to maintaining homeostasis, the internal balance of the human body.